Business valuations are necessary for a variety of reasons. However, the main ones are as follows:

•  family reasons, such as divorce, inheritance or anticipated inheritance
•  company disputes
•  intended purchase/sale of a business
•  tax audits
•  change in ownership of former public bodies (privatisation)
•  impairment test, purchase price allocation (accounting)
•  restructuring.

The business valuation will be carried out according to the individual characteristics of the company to be evaluated in accordance with IDW standard "Principles for the Performance of Business Valuations" (IDW S 1) issued by the German Institute of Public Auditors [Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer], in the version of 02.04.2008, and various writings and legal practice.

Expert reports required for court proceedings are prepared with due regard to the relevant applicable standards.

The layout and content of a report will depend on the individual circumstances. In each case, therefore, a detailed discussion is held to ascertain exactly what is required. This will determine the valuation method to be applied by the valuator and identify the documents to be produced by the parties. In order to form his opinion, the valuator generally makes his own enquiries.

A detailed report will be drawn up in which the assignment, information sources, valuation method and result are described in a comprehensive manner.

The fee will depend on the time spent and the degree of difficulty. It will be agreed when the assignment is given.

For further questions, please contact Mr Seiler.

publicly appointed and sworn appraiser for business valuation